Health and education

Late Monday afternoon we met with Rojelio and one of his daughters for our weekly study with him and his family. Rojelio can read, but he cannot write. Rosa, one of his daughter's, usually helps him with the lesson by writing the answers in the st...Read More

Denise and the dream

We had our first meeting with 6 people that have Diabetes, 3 of which had to walk from the next town over. We talked with them about how they could change their lifestyle to improve their health and gave them a weekly chart so they could be accoun...Read More

The joys of new life, the sorrows of death

In some of our Bible studies, we are blessed to have young people that are eager to learn. Denise is one of them. She regularly attends a Bible study in Laurel. This last Monday evening she accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour and asked to borrow ...Read More

More of His Spirit

This week most of our Bible studies were postponed because of the campaign in Laurel. The campaign was only 5 days long, but we were happy to see several people from our Bible studies come out to the meetings. Out of all of our guests that came ou...Read More

Pictures speak a thousand words: People, places and the parrot

An adventure on horseback with our guide Josias and his brother, Samuel A property we are praying about Heath fairs in Rio Tuxtla and Madero Other people and places the parrot.Read More

Showers and blessings

When we went to study with Natanael and his wife, Yanet, on Tuesday, Yanet met us at the door but Natanael was not home. We were informed that Natanael was across the street at the bar drinking. We had our Bible study with Yanet, and as we closed,...Read More

Patience and progress

Yesterday we were overjoyed to receive news that our 501C3 status was finally approved!!! We are now officially a non-profit, tax deductible organization. We want to give thanks first to God and to those that helped, especially Danny and Johanna w...Read More

Babies and more babies

It is a blessing to have some bilingual friends, Beatriz and Mariana, from Sacramento Central Spanish Church helping us this month. They have lots of great new recipes for us to try while they are here. Beatriz isn't only great in the kitchen, she...Read More

Making connections and reconnecting

It's the third week of English class and we still have people wanting to register, even from other villages. For now, 50 students seems manageable. We're teaching more than just English, though. We...Read More

Shopping for groceries and fishing for souls

Shopping in Santiago is not just about buying groceries, it is also leading people to Jesus Christ. From the very first time we set foot into the market, we made friends with a vendor named Lourdes. She carries many hard to find food items such as...Read More