The love of Milta

On a previous blog post we introduced you to a 93 year old lady named Andrea who we visited, sang to and brought to church one Sabbath. We were recently visited by a family member of hers that requested that we come to her bedside for prayer. When...Read More

El Pan de Vida goes to school

Late Friday afternoon we visited the director of the primary school to see about doing health classes in the school. As we sat in his living room and began explaining our ideas on what we would like to do his face lit up. Before we could even finish explaining our ideas to him he began to tell us about how the school was going to start up a week of health on Monday. Once again the Lord has perfect timing! He was eager to have us help and invited us to put something together for them on Monday morning. We had already planned a trip to Jalapa all day Sunday and Monday, so we agreed to start on Tuesday morning. We had nothing ready and no time to do it. It would be a miracle to pull it off, but we agreed to go ahead anyway trusting that the Lord would help us...

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Life and health

Sometimes the best way to reach families is through the children. Many times kids are not open to try food if their moms put it in front of them. When they get to make it themselves, then they are more interested to try it. Sumi, our 7 year old neighbor, dropped by about the time we were going to make lunch, so we invited her to help.

A few minutes later, 10 year old Lupita came by, and we invited her to help too. We’re always welcoming kids from the community into our home, and encouraging them to learn more about the plan God has for our lives. Children are very happy to help and very teachable.  People tend to live very busy lives, and sometimes their children don’t feel included. What is sad is that children are just waiting to participate with adults in activities...

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Searching for the living water

We first met Pedro just after his son was born. When he agreed to study with us, we knew it was a miracle because he had never let anyone else study with him before. Now, nearly four months later, his baby has gotten bigger and bigger and so has P...Read More

Thoughts from the journal of Kate

I am so thankful for Bianca and John. They have really helped me be more involved with music. Though I have a college degree in music and studied oboe performance, I always felt like I wasn't gifted in music because I don't play by ear, and that s...Read More

Teaching, Preaching, Healing… fun

The Lord has given us favor here among the people and we praise Him for this! Just as we have come to love the people here so too have we found that the people here have responded in love back to us. They receive us into their homes with a warm we...Read More

Two Roads

There has been a lot of work done on the roads here. Praise the Lord, the main road that runs through Mazumiapan was one of the roads that was finally finshed just a few weeks ago! As we took the newly paved road out to Laurel for a Bible study on...Read More

Death Grip, Border Trip

The dengue fever we mentioned on the previous post has claimed the lives of three of our village members. One of which was a much loved 37 year old church member. She was the youth leader and very active in church function. Her death came as a sho...Read More

The Good Shepherd

In Mazumiapan there is a flock of sheep that wander to and fro throughout the village without a shepherd to watch over them. We see them in a different place everyday. I sometimes wonder who there owner is, and why they are not watched over. There...Read More

Trials and triumphs

We are going into our fourth week of our diabetes class and started it out with a cooking class. We haven't been able to have a cooking class until now because of all the paperwork and trips to other cities. The house was swept and mopped, the veg...Read More