God at Work

Testimonies are faith boosters. Why? Because they share with us how God is working in the lives of people today in amazing ways. Santiago, a church attendee and our hairstylist, began to share his testimony while he was cutting Kate’s hair the other day. He told us how just a few years ago he was making a lot of money in a city called Juarez, but ended up spending it all on drugs and partying. This young man is very artistic and ended up eventually leaving Juarez and traveling to Cancun where he did the decorating for a party planning company. He made elaborate table centerpieces and other decorations for fancy upscale parties where families would spend enormous amounts of money to showcase their son or daughter for their fifteenth birthday. Here in Mexico turning fifteen is a big deal; initiating them into adulthood. These parties are huge and include lots of drinking and dancing.

This left Santiago to continue living in a downward spiral of drugs and partying.  In his own words he told us, “I was wasting my life.”  A turn of events brought him back home here to Mazumiapan where his mom, wife and children live.  Shortly after coming back to Mazumiapan his sister died suddenly.  It was a tragedy and a blessing in disguise as we were able to minister to Santiago and his family.  Then one day Santiago’s mother woke up early one Sabbath morning and told Santiago, “We’re going to church.  We need to start looking for God.”  Santiago was apprehensive at first, but agreed.  Jessica his youngest daughter also chimed in by saying to him, “Daddy you are suppose to be our leader, you should be taking us to church.”  Now the whole family attends church each Sabbath.  Praise the Lord!  Santiago’s mother and wife were recently baptized and God is preparing Santiago to do the same.  It is exciting to see how the Holy Spirit is working in Santiago’s life.  He even shared with us how a pastor recently told him that he could continue decorating for parties as long as he did not attend or participate in them, but Santiago told us that he doesn’t think God wants him to do that kind of work anymore.  Santiago believes that God has better plans for his time here.

My friends, don’t waist your life…..God has better plans for your life too :) Surrender your life into His loving hands and serve Him while you have time.