A Dream Come True by Daphne Alvarado

Coming to Mexico was a dream come true and an answer to prayer!
It seemed like the funds were not coming at all and time kept passing. It had been two years since I had come with Tammey and the AFCOE group in 2011. I was so thankful in returning and it was a really great time! The first night we got there was a Youth Revival for the church. Valerie, Carsten, and I shared our personal testimonies. So many of the youth came up to me personally and told me how they were so blessed by my personal testimony and how it helped them in their walk with God. One girl said, “This is the best youth event I ever been to” I was so thrilled to hear good responses from the youth and adults as well.
The following day was Sabbath and we had planned for outreah that day...
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Rocket Stoves & Patti

My brother and I have been down here with Tammey and David almost three months now. One of the projects we did in our time being down here were rocket stoves.  The people here call them fogons.
The rocket stoves are a project Tammey and David decided to start up to help the health of the women down here in Mazumiapan and neighboring villages. They all cook over open fires down here so they’re constantly breathing in the fumes and smoke. Doing this two to three times a day really starts to get detrimental to their health. So the idea of a rocket stove is to eliminate most of the smoke and give them a healthier environment to cook in. Plus it provides a hotter fire with a more concentrated heat. Their original stove are these big blocks in the shape of a horseshoe...

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Journal Entries From The Mission Field; Far From Family & Friends

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August 30, 2013 – I was able to get a call through to my mom for her 70th birthday.  My daughter and sister-in-law are driving down to my moms together to join her for her birthday.  They are taking her out to her favorite restaurant.  Although it was wonderful to speak to my mom and wish her a happy birthday I started thinking about how much I would have liked to be there with her celebrating and rejoicing together.  I love my mom very much and we have drawn closer in our relationship with each other as we have gotten older.  Being so far away from her is extremely difficult.  I asked the Lord to give her a big hug and kiss for me.


September 10, 2013 – Kate called today.  We talked just a week ago, yet I couldn’t help but smile when I heard her voice again...

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Help Is On The Way

There are many times in the mission field when the needs of the people you were sent to serve are far above and beyond what you are capable of meeting. The only place you can go for help is to God. This is when prayer is taken to another level. it goes from a heart to heart talk with the Lord to a heart cry. I am not sure of the exact day or hour this transition in my prayers began, I just know that I kept pressing in more and more as the needs of the people kept getting greater than we were able to handle. Finally, a break through occurred on Wednesday January 23, 2013. I received an email from Lyudmyla, a member of the Granite Bay Church, saying, “I would like to organize a medical-mission trip to Mexico...

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Little Pedro

Little Pedro is a five year old boy who wants to walk and go to school just like all the other children in his village, but his legs are not able to allow him to do this. He had a tumor in his spinal cord and has liquid on the brain that needs to be continually to be drained.  We recently took him and his family to Veracruz, about three hours away, to have a doctor review his condition to see if his drainage tube needed to be changed.  Every few years as grows the doctors have to change the tube that allows the fluid in his brain to drain properly.  Pedro is a determined little boy who loves life and his family very much.  He tries desperately to get around, but he has to be careful because he has no feeling below his knees and he can hurt himself without even knowing it...

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Is Anyone Listening?

As a parent there are times that you wonder whether or not your children are paying attention to the things that you are trying to teach them as they grow up. As we teach here in the public school system of our village we wonder the same thing. Each Tuesday we teach English classes in the primary school here in Mazumiapan. Before starting each class we pray for the Lord’s blessing with the children and then we have a five minute health talk. We may talk to them about the importance of washing your hands, drinking enough water each day or why eating too many greasy, fatty foods is not healthy for our bodies...

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There is a way that seemeth right unto a man…

 It was a picturesque day in Mazumiapan.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and a breeze was gently blowing cleaning out the air in our little village.  David was getting some clothes ready to launder when a familiar sound to his gardener ears started getting louder and louder near our home.  All three of us ran out to the front patio of our home and could see a man in a yellow outfit, with a mask over his mouth and a machine strapped to him.

 It was a fumigator pumping out clouds of pesticides into the air to kill off mosquitoes.  He was walking down the dirt roads pointing the blower tube towards homes with open doors and windows.  Large clouds of pesticides were lofting into the homes all around us as we ran around our home closing all the windows and doors...

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God at Work

Testimonies are faith boosters. Why? Because they share with us how God is working in the lives of people today in amazing ways. Santiago, a church attendee and our hairstylist, began to share his testimony while he was cutting Kate's hair the oth...Read More

Pictures Paint a Thousand Words

Many of you have been asking for more pictures of life here in Mazumiapan and the area of Mexico around where we are living. in response to your requests we will do our best to dedicate a blog post each month to sending out a picture story for all...Read More

Favor with God and Man

In Luke 2:52 Bible says, Jesus had favor with man and with God. As we are here on behalf of Jesus, as His ambassadors in Mexico, we have seen His hand move by giving us favor with man. Both the conference here and the pastor are very supportive of...Read More