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Is Anyone Listening?

As a parent there are times that you wonder whether or not your children are paying attention to the things that you are trying to teach them as they grow up. As we teach here in the public school system of our village we wonder the same thing. Each Tuesday we teach English classes in the primary school here in Mazumiapan. Before starting each class we pray for the Lord’s blessing with the children and then we have a five minute health talk. We may talk to them about the importance of washing your hands, drinking enough water each day or why eating too many greasy, fatty foods is not healthy for our bodies. Sometimes we walk home asking ourselves, “are the children really paying attention, are they learning something or are we just spinning our wheels?” We have even asked the Lord, “do you want us to continue teaching these classes or is there something else You want us to do on Tuesdays?”
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Well just recently we had our prayers answered.  We were checking an older lady’s blood pressure and glucose level on our front porch one morning and we got to talking to her son who had brought her to our home.  He shared a story with us about his son who had gotten sick one day.  It sounded like just common cold or flu symptoms.  His parents were going to give him some medication to take to get better, but the boy said, “no I just need to drink lots of water.  The gringos taught us that medicine helps one part of our body, but hurts another part and that it is not always good to take medicine.”  The boy was feeling better in just a few days.  The boy’s dad told us, “you are helping us as parents learn through what you are teaching to our children.”  Praise the Lord!  This was just the good news we needed to hear!

There are times when we all get discouraged along the way.  You may be giving a Bible study to someone, talking to a co-worker about Jesus, or maybe trying to teach your children about the Lord Jesus Christ, and you may think to yourself, “are they really paying attention to what I am saying; am I getting through to them at all?”  Well, my friends many times you might just be surprised to find out that not only are they learning something from what you are trying to teach them, but they are also sharing what they are learning with someone else.  Do not give up keeping fighting the good fight of faith!  Believing that as you plant the seeds of truth God IS giving the increase and that a harvest will one day be reaped.

“Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.”  Galatians 6:9