Little Pedro

Little Pedro is a five year old boy who wants to walk and go to school just like all the other children in his village, but his legs are not able to allow him to do this. He had a tumor in his spinal cord and has liquid on the brain that needs to be continually to be drained.  We recently took him and his family to Veracruz, about three hours away, to have a doctor review his condition to see if his drainage tube needed to be changed.  Every few years as grows the doctors have to change the tube that allows the fluid in his brain to drain properly.  Pedro is a determined little boy who loves life and his family very much.  He tries desperately to get around, but he has to be careful because he has no feeling below his knees and he can hurt himself without even knowing it.  If he cuts himself he is susceptible to getting infections and is unable to alert his parents because he cannot feel any pain in his lower legs.  We have been doing all we can to help Pedro and his family ever since we found out that they had neglected to go to the doctors to have his routine check- ups because they had no money to travel all the way to Veracruz.   He has won our hearts with his sweet smile and determination and we are looking for a way to purchase him an all-terrain wheelchair to get around on the rugged dirt roads here.  Specialized all-terrain wheelchairs are very costly, but we are claiming the promise found in Philippians 4:19 “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  Please pray this promise with us for little Pedro.

pedros-legs pedro pedro-and-mama