Building houses, building friendships and THE building

Putting the palm roof on the house was no small job. And getting to the palms was no easy task. The roads were narrow, rutted, long (10 miles round trip), with sharp corners and lots of thorns. At 7 am, the guys started walking to the palms and on...Read More

Surf, Songs and Surprises

Taking the family to the beach is a major undertaking. We meant it to be just a simple trip with us and the family, 18 in all, and we thought that would be tight for a 2 hour ride. When we started loading up, however, everyone wanted to bring a fr...Read More

At a glance

The team from Country Haven Academy was able to make considerable headway on building the bathrooms for the church. The biggest element was digging the hole for the septic tank, which was over 3 meters deep.  They also helped us hold a health fair in Laurel. Many people from the community came out to get their physical health checked and the pastor volunteered Christian counsel and prayed with each person that came through. The pastor was pleased with outcome of the health fair, and asked us to hold health fairs in many other villages.

Two days later, we packed into the truck with some of our friends and neighbors and headed back to Laurel for the opening night of an evangelistic campaign. The town square was full of people from the whole region...

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Andrea and Abby

Andrea, one of the widows we visited with Karena last week, made such an impression on us that we had to go back. Her home is a small palm hut with very few furnishings; just a mosquito net-covered cot and a hammock. The sunlight filters in throug...Read More

A full house and a cat too

The group from Country Haven came almost as expected, except 10 hours later. Even though the schedule was a little mixed up, God used for a blessing. We were able to re...Read More

Photo Gallery

Dear Friends, God blessed us with a little extra free time in Veracruz since we accidently got some flight information mixed up, so aprovechando (taking advantage of) the situation, I decided to share some pictures with you. A sugarc cane truck. T...Read More

Mucho trabajo, poco descanso

It was a very full week preparing to receive our first mission team from Country Haven Academy in Pasco, Washington. We have always been the ones coming, but now we are...Read More

Highlights from the week

Last week opened with a Holy Spirit empowered campaign. Both of the Seventh Day Adventist Churches in Mazumiapan united in the park and many visitors came to hear the messages. Pastor Benjamin has been blessed with the gift of preaching and many p...Read More

Meeting the neighbors and beginning the ministry

So much has happened since I last posted. We have been adjusting to life in Mexico: washing clothes by hand, burning trash, geckos on the ceiling and removing ticks on occasion. We went to an evangelistic campaign in Soyata (about 30 minutes drive...Read More

Settling in and moving forward

On Tuesday we finally made the move from Maria ?s house to the new house and spent the night. (I was a little scared because on Monday night we found two big black scorpions in the house) We had never seen any before that, and haven ?t seen any si...Read More