Dear friends, we finally arrived in Mazumiapan! It was great to finally be able to rest a little in a place we are familiar with. And even though I say familiar, there are many things that we still need to adjust to: the sun, the humidity, Spanish...Read More

To Veracruz and onward

Yesterday I was unable to post because I was too sick. I give glory to God today that I am well. Yesterday was our last long stretch of travel. It was especially hard because I was feverish and nauseous ever since the night before. Jesus, our ange...Read More

Day 9: Border crossing

First of all, I want to thank all of you that are praying for us. We have been so blessed and I know God is answering your prayers for protection and smooth sailing. We got out of the hotel and on the road at a pretty good time, and there was no l...Read More

Day 8: Almost there

Everything fit in the truck again, even with the water filter. Praise the Lord! It was hard to leave the Dulac's behind, they were such a blessing to us. We got off to a later start than we were wishing for, but God might have shortened the distan...Read More

Day 7: Rest

We received a blessing from the conversation with friends and enjoyed a leisurely afternoon. After a fantastic supper we got busy doing many things and now it is again way too late to be posting a blog, but such is life. Tomorrow will be an early ...Read More

Day 6: Preparation

This morning we woke up without an alarm. It was good to sleep in a little. Unfortunately, the hotel's breakfast wasn't what we were looking for, so we stopped at "la Tienda" (literally, the store) to buy some breakfast items, which we ate standin...Read More

Day 5: On the Road

Today was indeed a long day. First, we had to say goodbye to Dawn, who had been an excellent host the past few days. We left our friends in Phoenix and set out across Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The drive was really a lot of the same and more o...Read More

Day 4, Re-packing…again

We are still in Phoenix, and this morning we realized we had to downsize again. Any box that had not been completely filled was re-opened and stuffed even tighter than before. Again, we had to empty out pretty much the whole truck. I think we are ...Read More

Day 3: Phoenix

It was nice to have a break in Phoenix and not have to get up early. After sorting out technical issues with computers, we were able to get a little shopping done. We found a Trader Joe's and felt right at home and got ingredients to make pizza la...Read More

Day 2 on the road: LA to Phoenix

We're all in one car today. You can see the picture of the re-packing of the truck in LA, trying to get everything in one vehicle instead of two. It was a big job and we had to pull out all the boxes on the left side of the truck, but again we had...Read More