Mucho trabajo, poco descanso

It was a very full week preparing to receive our first mission team from Country Haven Academy in Pasco, Washington. We have always been the ones coming, but now we are on the other end.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, gathering chairs, tables, cots, blankets, sheets, pillows, there were also ministry opportunities. Our neighbor, Rojelio, his wife and 10 of his children, came over to watch the Cosmic Conflict DVD. The whole family was engaged in the movie and afterwards, Rojelio acknowledged that there is a spiritual battle between good and evil. As we ate popcorn together and talked, he continually referred to David as his brother which brought joy to hearts to know we are making a connection with them. Rojelio’s oldest daughter, Rosa, beamed when we asked her to help pass out books to the community. Please pray that she will get the day off to help us.


Wednesday night the children’s small group resumed, and once again our porch was full of children. We completed the creation story, highlighting God’s holy day of rest. This study has been a witness to the community as people passing by hear the children sing songs about Jesus.


On Thursday, all the preparations for the 9 member mission team came together. The men had already repaired several borrowed cots but we still had to make several trips over dusty, bumpy roads to gather the remaining cots. We were finally able to pick up a dining table that is big enough to seat the group. It contains the only 4 drawers in the whole house so that we can organize a few kitchen items, like tableware. The Lord brought a chair salesman to our vehicle on the way home from the carpenter’s house. We were able to purchase 2 chairs, and including borrowed chairs, we have enough to seat 8. God willing, our benches will be ready on Monday so we can seat everyone.


Early Friday morning, we headed off to Veracruz to pick up 4 members of the mission team. Later that day, we received a call that flights had been changed, and we would need to pick them up on Sabbath morning instead. When we arrived at the airport, we met Kristi and Dan and their 2 daughters. It has been great getting to know them, and they have been a big blessing to us as well. We pray that we can all be a blessing to the community here in Mazumiapan.