Highlights from the week

Last week opened with a Holy Spirit empowered campaign. Both of the Seventh Day Adventist Churches in Mazumiapan united in the park and
many visitors came to hear the messages. Pastor Benjamin has been blessed with the gift of preaching and many people responded positively to the appeals each night. The campaign lasted just six days, but many people, especially young adults made decisions for baptism.

Monday evening we had our first Bible study with our neighbor, Rojelio (who has 11 kids). They wish to continue studying the Bible with us, and we plan to watch the Cosmic Conflict DVD with them too. Five of his children have already attended the children’s small group Bible study, and hopefully more of them will join this Wednesday evening.

On Tuesday, March 20, while shopping in Santiago, a nearby rural city, the earth shook. At first, we weren’t even aware of what had happened. We all felt sick and dizzy from the motion. It was a very strange sensation. Praise the Lord no one was hurt or injured.

On Wednesday we visited Mirna and her mom, they are very friendly and always enjoy talking with us. Mirna had been struggling with depression and stomach pain. We encouraged her to finish drinking a liter of water at least 30 minutes before eating each meal and listen to an audio CD of the Bible to help her sleep. She did exactly as we asked and made improvement every day. By Saturday night, she was so excited that she came running to tell us she was able to eat without any pain at all. God is helping us to use what we know to help the people so they don’t have to spend money they don’t have to see a doctor.

We were able to use another simple remedy on Thursday. Mama Toto had stepped on a large thorn that left a painful wound and got infected.
First, we cleaned the wound with Tea Tree oil and water, and then applied a charcoal poultice overnight and for the next 2 days. The infection and the pain diminished every day. It might need one more charcoal poultice, but it looks like her foot has been healed. We are thankful for these opportunities to use simple natural remedies because it builds a relationship of trust with the people.

Thank you for your prayers. We thank the Lord for healing Abby and for opening the door for us to study with Abby’s father and mother on
Friday. They prepared a meal for us, and invited us back every Friday for a Bible study and a meal. God willing, Abby’s grandparents and aunt and uncle will join our Friday night studies.

On Sabbath morning, Sumiyanet (the shy neighbor girl) actually came over and asked to go to church with us! We were really excited, but Jos??, a church member, had already asked us to go with him to Rio Tuxtla. Fortunately, Patti, the children’s ministry leader, is also Sumiyanet’s aunt, so we dropped her off and headed to Rio Tuxtla. Jos?? had been studying with three couples, but we only found one couple at home. The real treat was meeting Jos??’s family afterwards. His brother-in-law eagerly participated in the Bible study and we got to speak English with his granddaughter who was born and raised in the US! Please pray that God will permit us to continue studying with Jos??’s family and that He might open the door to plant a church in Rio Tuxtla, where there is currently no Seventh Day Adventist Church.