Andrea and Abby

Andrea, one of the widows we visited with Karena last week, made such an impression on us that we had to go back. Her home is a small palm hut with very few furnishings; just a mosquito net-covered cot and a hammock. The sunlight filters in through the slats of wood, but other than that, there is no additional lighting. Since she can’t walk and her legs don’t get much exercise, Kristi had rubbed them a little and she seemed to enjoy it, so we went back just to visit and rub her legs again.

Andrea is hard of hearing, so we weren’t able to have much conversation with her, but we were able to get to know her daughter-in-law, Laura. Laura was telling us the history of Andrea’s family and we learned that her husband goes to church, but she does not go regularily. A few days later, we went back to sing familiar hymns and Andrea mentioned she hadn’t been to church in a year and a half. We had planned to go to Laurel (the next town over) that Sabbath, but God changed our plans.

When we arrived home Friday night, we found a note that said there would be no service in Laurel. Saturday morning, we decided to see if Andrea would like to go to church, even at such late notice. I greeted her with a “Happy Sabbath” and she responded saying, “Is is Sabbath?” After I assured her it was and asked if she would like to church, she said that she couldn’t walk. Her hut is less than a block from church, and some men were willing to carry her in a chair, so I told her that wouldn’t be a problem. Then she said that she hadn’t had a bath, and Laura said she would be happy to warm some water to bathe her. Then Andrea said the equivalent of, “Well, hurry up and warm some water already!” We left them to get ready and went to Sabbath School. Expecting them to be running on Mexican time, we went back to the hut a little early.

Andrea was bathed, dressed, and her hair was combed, ready for church. They even found a wheelchair for us to use. The men maneuvered the chair on the rocky road and lifted her up onto the sidewalk and finally pushed her into the church. We had brought a plastic armchair for Andrea, but since she had the wheelchair, Laura sat in the chair we had brought. It was amazing to see how God had worked through and Andrea and us to get Laura to church!



Our first Friday night back with Abby’s parents (Alonso and Madaí) for Bible study and dinner included our whole group. They made purple tamales for us, filled with pineapple, raisins and coconut. Delicious! Just as promised, Abby’s aunt and uncle (Mariana and Arisaí) were there as well. Alonso’s other brother, Pedro, stopped by to visit and invited us over to his house later next week. After dinner, we sang songs and opened up God’s word. Alonso was engaged in the study and actively participated.


Andrea is nearly 100 and Abby is just 4 years old, but God has used them both to be the agents to bring others closer to Him! It is a blessing that God has brought us into contact with  people who have some Christian background, but who have not made any firm decision. Please pray for Laura and Alonso and their families, that they will continue to study and learn about the goodness of God.

Here are some additional photos for your viewing pleasure: