Settling in and moving forward

On Tuesday we finally made the move from Maria??s house to the new house and spent the night. (I was a little scared because on Monday night we found two big black scorpions in the house) We had never seen any before that, and haven??t seen any since, praise the Lord!

David has been keeping busy working with men doing construction while at the same time experiencing language learning by immersion. I have
been busy making curtains for the house and when the neighbors found out I had a sewing machine, they asked me to make a skirt for a little
girl. We might be able to use this as a way to better get to know our neighbors and the community around us. Many of the kids come to play
with Nixon, and we hope that we can invite them to a children’s Bible study at our house too!

We are excited to receive a mission team from a small high school in Washington. There is a lot of planning that needs to go on beforehand
so we have everything we need, from beds to food to activities. The students have decided to help put on a children??s program and a health
fair as well as help with church construction.

El Pan de Vida Centro de Salud y Educacion (the orange building downtown we plan to use a health center) is under construction. Everyday there is work being done to install windows, doors, etc. God willing, we will be able to use it in the near future.

Many people from the community are anxious to have us visit. Since we have been busy setting up house, we haven??t had much time to do visitations. Now that we are mostly settled in, it is time to move forward, reaching out to the people around us.