Meeting the neighbors and beginning the ministry

So much has happened since I last posted. We have been adjusting to life in Mexico: washing clothes by hand, burning trash, geckos on the ceiling and removing ticks on occasion. We went to an evangelistic campaign in Soyata (about 30 minutes drive) and it was awesome to see the amount of people that came out each night. The trucks going there were packed. In David’s truck we fit 10 people in the cab and lots more in the back. It was amazing to see so few cars parked, but so many people at the meeting. One of families that attended was Noem??’s mother’s family. Two of her grandchildren have been attending church ever since I made my first visit to Mazumiapan. Ever since Noem?? passed away in December, the rest of the family has been faithfully attending church and small groups. It is great to see them continue to learn and grow. That sabbath we were blessed to watch 18 baptisms in a river in Tilapan. One of those was my friend Cristina from Dos Aguajes that I met during our last mission trip.

We visited a family with a 3 year old daughter named Abby who has
struggled with kidney problems for much of her life. We were able to
pray with them and help them get the proper tests run to find out what
is wrong with her. Please pray that the Lord will open the door for us
to study with her father who does not attend church.


It has been great to get to know the neighbors. Wednesday night we
hosted a children’s small group Bible study and had 17 children attend
with 3 of their mothers. Five of those children have never heard the
stories in the Bible before. It was exciting to see them listen so
intently as we told the story of creation with felts. Sumiyanet, our
very shy neighbor girl, finally agreed to come over with her mother as
moral support. She had such a great time that she wants to come to
church with us this sabbath! God willing, the group will continue to
grow. Please pray that we can reach their parents as well.


Yesterday we went to a cooking workshop under a tree on the patio of
the Mazumiapan I church. It was very interesting to have a class
outside with debris from the tree falling into the food, and the only
recipe you got to take home was what you wrote down. In the middle of
the class, it started to rain, and everyone rushed inside. The ladies
carried the table with the stove and a man with the gas tank followed
close behind. Once all the food and people were inside, they lit the
stove and continued as if nothing had happened. Believe it or not, the
food was amazingly delicious! And we look forward to going to the next
cooking workshop.