Searching for the living water

We first met Pedro just after his son was born. When he agreed to study with us, we knew it was a miracle because he had never let anyone else study with him before. Now, nearly four months later, his baby has gotten bigger and bigger and so has Pedro’s desire to follow Christ. This last week, Pedro said that he had surrendered his life to Christ and wanted to be baptized with his wife, Ada.

Eliseo has a beautiful smile. The rest of his body is frail and weak from Parkinson’s disease. As we sat and discussed the Bible together and questions that he had, his arms and hands shook, but his mind was strong. One day his head was hurting too much to study.


When asked how much water he drank, he told us he never drank water when he was young, and at age 71, still doesn’t drink water. We were amazed that he was still alive, but know that God has sustained him for such a time as this. We are encouraging him to begin a new custom of drinking water. The Lord has given us favor so that he would accept our advice, and we found out that he has now started drinking water, though only a couple glasses a day. He and his wife, Carmen, enjoy our visits.  We are hopeful that Eliseo will one day be drinking more water to help his body heal.  We are also hopeful that he can come to know more about the Savior that he has been seeking over the years.

Eliseo reminds me of the story of the woman at the well who was also in need of water; the living water that is found in Jesus Christ.  Many people today are thirsting just as Eliseo, not only because most people do not drink enough water, but because many have not come to Jesus to receive the water he offers them.  The water that we drink can only sustains us temporarily, whereas the water that Jesus has to offer us shall be in you and I “a well of water springing up into everlasting life” and we will “never thirst again.”  John 4:13,14