Shopping for groceries and fishing for souls

Shopping in Santiago is not just about buying groceries, it is also leading people to Jesus Christ. From the very first time we set foot into the market, we made friends with a vendor named Lourdes. She carries many hard to find food items such as soy beans, flaxseeds and raisins. One week, while shopping at her kiosk, we gave her a Cosmic Conflict DVD. Two weeks later, she mentioned that she watched it and enjoyed it so much that she wanted to share it with her sister. It brought sunshine to an otherwise rainy day.


On Monday evening we got to see first hand the Holy Spirit at work. Jose had many questions that night. After the first Bible text, he asked someone to get a pencil and paper and take notes for him. Between the cracked egg in its 3 pieces and the Bible texts, the light went on and Jose came to an understanding of the Trinity.


In between all our Bible studies, we fit in some medical missionary work. Patti is like a sister to us, but is in constant pain because of a chronic condition. She overworked as she helped to construct the palm house and it intensified her condition. This was a perfect opportunity to practice some hydrotherapy. Lots of towels, a tamale pot, a wood fire, ice, and of course water, all done with much prayer. The treatment was a success and Patti felt better. There’s no health center yet, but we’re making house calls, and by the grace of God, they are successful.



Thank you for your prayers for Alonso and his family (commonly known as Abby’s family). Alonso, Abby’s dad, began to ask a lot of questions in the middle of the Bible study this last Friday evening. He had an overwhelming desire to know what happens to the wicked. “I want to be a good Christian!” he interrupted. We talked about what it means to put your faith in Jesus Christ and now Jose is one step closer to making a decision for baptism.

Please continue to pray for the many people we are in contact with.