Patience and progress

Yesterday we were overjoyed to receive news that our 501C3 status was finally approved!!! We are now officially a non-profit, tax deductible organization. We want to give thanks first to God and to those that helped, especially Danny and Johanna who worked many long hours. Now we have start putting things together here in Mexico too. We made our first trip to Jalapa to start the paperwork. It was a very long day. We spent 10 hours driving for a 15 minutes transaction, but we came out with our Mexican name, El Pan de Vida Centro de Salud y Educación (The Bread of Life Health and Education Center). We will find out what the next steps are when we go to San Andes on Wednesday.

While at a regular Bible study, a big storm started rolling in. First the lightning lit up the sky, and then the thunder started rumbling. We made it back to the house just in time as the wind picked up and starting blowing our chairs across the porch. Then the rain hit us horizontally, and despite quickly closing windows and doors, the water kept pouring into the house. While frantically trying to bail out water, the power went out and we kept working by flashlight. The storm subsided and we went to bed. In the morning, we found out we weren’t the worst hit. Our neighbors roof literally flew off their home, drenching mattresses, clothes, and all personal belongings. Neighbors worked together to get the roof back on before the night was over. Rainy season is hard on many poor families who live in less than ideal situations.



Not long after we arrived in Mazumiapan, in March, we were excited to see signs that they would soon pave the road. Progress went slower than we anticipated. Curbs and sidewalks were installed slowly but steadily. And then it appeared that the work had halted. April and May came and went, but still no finished road. Finally in June, just before the last hope disappeared, piles of road base appeared! The grader pushed it around for a while and then during sabbath school, a loud rumbling came from the street. The oil truck had arrived. Even though the road is still not done, we are hopeful it will be finished soon.