Showers and blessings

When we went to study with Natanael and his wife, Yanet, on Tuesday, Yanet met us at the door but Natanael was not home. We were informed that Natanael was across the street at the bar drinking. We had our Bible study with Yanet, and as we closed, we prayed that Natanael
would be able to stop drinking and leave his addiction. Just as we finished praying, Natanael, still drunk, stumbled into the house. We
stood up to leave, but he urged us to please sit down and stay because he had questions on his Bible study lesson. We couldn’t stay, but we
told him to drink lots of water and stay away from the bar, so we could review the lesson later that afternoon. A few hours later, we
returned and Natanael was faithful and had sobered up so we could go over his questions on the Bible study. Natanael truly desires to walk
away from his addiction to alcohol, but he struggles with temptation every day. Recently we found out he was back at the bar drinking. He
has a young boy, named Miguel, and a wife that desire for Natanael to overcome his alcohol addiction. Please help us pray for Natanael.

Friday evening, we had our neighbor, Rojelio, over for tacos with 8 of his children. The soy taco meat, salsa, rice and diced cilantro and
onions was all ready to go, we were just missing tortillas. Tammey and David went to go pick up 3 kilos of tortillas, but the tortiller??a had
blown a fuse and they came back with only 1/2 kilo, and said the other store that sold tortillas was all out. Tammey and Kate jumped in the
car and headed to Laurel to look for tortillas just as our neighbors were returning from work. Although they are very poor, they always
take time to make sure they are bathed and well dressed when they come over, so we knew we still had a little time. The tortiller??a in Laurel
was already closed, so we prayed that God would help us be able to find tortillas so that we feed the family. After asking young girls on
bicycles, they led us right to the home and we got the 2 1/2 kilos we needed and headed home, praising God. We had enough tacos to feed
everyone, and finished off with some all natural ice cream which received a 10 out of 10.


Natanael’s grandfather, Don Martin, was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. We’ve been going over and visiting him, even though we
feel like we don’t have resources to help his condition. We do what we can, to sing and pray, and read Bible verses. The visits seem to bring
him comfort. There are times when we think there is nothing we can do, but the presence of another caring human being can do a lot.

Once again we were hit with rain. And not just a little, it rained all night. We didn’t have any flooding inside the home, but we woke up to
water all around the outside of the house. Fortunately the hurricane that hit the costal area downgraded so we haven’t had much rain since
then. Many homes flood in the rainy season. The natives tell us we haven’t seen anything yet.

Sunday, as we were leaving our house to run some errands, a car pulled up behind us, and we saw that it was Raymundo. We got out and noticed
he had brought a friend. His friend is going to be able to help us finalize our papers and help us organize to get visas. It was a divine
appointment because we had been praying that God would send somebody to help us finish our paperwork so we can continue to do ministry
here. Once again, God has showed us that His blessing and favor continue to be with us as we move forward in the ministry of El Pan de