Health and education

Late Monday afternoon we met with Rojelio and one of his daughters for our weekly study with him and his family.  Rojelio can read, but he cannot write.  Rosa, one of his daughter’s, usually helps him with the lesson by writing the answers in the study guide.  Rosa was not able to be with us at the Bible study this last week because she was visiting her mother.   Maria Magdalena, one of Rojelio’s other daughters, was with him.  She cannot read or write.  We helped to write in the answers to the study guide and saw another ministry opportunity.  There are many people here who have little to no reading and writing skills.  We hope to bring about a change one person at a time.  Maria Magdalena started her first class this last Wednesday when she came early to our children’s small group.  Kate was able to work with her on some phonics skills.  Maria was eager and happy to learn and will be coming early to small group each week to continue learning.

When David took the truck for an overnight trip to help some church members in another village get to a funeral Tammey and Kate had to take their first taxi to Laurel for a Bible study.  They prayed and then stood on the side of the road waiting.  In just a few minutes a taxi came down the street and stopped to pick them up. It was one of Tammey’s English class students.  He was nice enough to take them to Laurel free of charge.  Praise the Lord!  After they finished their Bible study they once again asked the Lord to send them a ride and sure enough just before the first drop of rain a taxi driver motioned for them to get into his car.  It was the husband and father of four English class students.  Once again the Lord provided another free ride :)

Sabbath afternoon as we were walking to church we saw Natanael and his wife out in front of their home.  We were excited to see that they were reading the Bible and completing their lesson for this next weeks study.  Seeing Natanael studying the Bible instead of hanging out at the bar on our way to church was the Lord’s Sabbath blessing to us and to him and his family.

The interest in the diabetes class we started last week enlarged our class to top off at about 15 people.  We had to tell Ada’s mom to stop inviting new people to come to the classes.  Cooking classes in our home would become a challenge if we didn’t.  It was a blessing to hear how their week went as they began to make many changes to their lifestyle that they have grown comfortably accustomed to.  There was talk of the many challenges they encountered during their week, but they are eager to continue learning and make changes to regain their health.  We are hoping that the results of this pilot class will be a testimony to others in the community and beyond of how God’s plan for our lives can be trusted.